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For more than 8 years now Sandals By Southwest Studios have been selling these fantastic sandals across America! Our selection of specially designed Thongs, Two-Strap and Three-Straps feel good to wear and help give your legs "Happy Knees" with each step that you take. Whether you wear them to work, to the pool or to a wedding, these fabulous sandals will make you the envy of your girlfriends in style and comfort. Youthful looking, wear them with either a dress or just jeans, and show off your style.  Please note each style has it's own various heel arrangements. All our sandals are for sale at $22.00 and $26.00.For all questions and ordering please email us at or phone us directly at 408-375-0499. 

*The pictures listed below are large in size for viewing. Please allow some extra downloading time.

The pictures are

Angel Wings

Magnificent O

Love Dreams

Inca Treasure

Arizona Star

Mystic Beauty

Night Glamour

Denim Sport

Mayan Prophecy

Royal Fantasy

Sunlight Glory

Denim Delight

Rainbow Bright


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